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Project progress

The IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project recently partnered with 11 private companies in Nigeria.

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Youth-Centered Agribusiness Hubs

This project is directed toward realizing IFAD’s vision in empowering African youth through the establishment of a network of youth-centered Agribusiness Hubs in Nigeria.


To create sustainable employment and income generating opportunities for youth in agriculture related activities

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Direct Beneficiaries
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Youth Indirect Beneficiaries
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Pilot Learning Enterprises

Value chains

Crop Production

Field crops, grain legume, root crops, horticulture.

Animal Production

Small animals, Cattle, diary, swine, aquaculture.

Farm Service

Seed technologies, plant propagation, composting, farm machinery, irrigation.

Food Processing
Light Industry


Design a Pioneering Agribusiness Hub

We shall increase wage opportunities of youths through the hubs.

Strengthen Rural Economics

Our focus is to transform rural communities into vibrant agric based economy.

Consolidated Training Resources

We shall identify useful facilities and upgrade for agric skills training and knowledge transfer.

Agribusiness Training and Skills Development

We shall strengthen skills of youths (with a focus on 50% women) in Nigeria as skilled wage earners and entrepreneurs through technical support, curricular activities and iCT applications.

Agribusiness Hub Model Adoption

Agribusiness hub model adoption and outscaling by stakeholders through policy changes.

Recent News

  • Empowering Rural Youth through Renewable Energy Training: Success story of IFAD Agrihub beneficiary

    Empowering Rural Youth through Renewable Energy Training Christianah Afolabi works as Energy Access Lead for Renergy Integrated Systems and Projects. She got the job after undergoing a three-month intensive training on Renewable Energy, organized by the IFAD Agrihub Renewable Energy and Ashdam Solar Academy.  The training is designed to equip rural youth with the knowledge

    October 16, 2023
  • Rosemary’s journey from IFAD Agrihub beneficiary to Agronomist and Mentor

    Rosemary’s journey from IFAD Agrihub beneficiary to Agronomist and Mentor A beneficiary of the IFAD Agrihub project, Rosemary Adeoti, a graduate of Economics, recently shared her experience as a trainee at the Oyo Agrihub located in Awe, Oyo state, Nigeria, where she received comprehensive training in screen house and open-field vegetable production, as well as

    October 16, 2023
  • IFAD Agrihub Nigeria onboards nine private sector partners

    The Rural Youth Employment Opportunities: support to integrated agribusiness hubs in Nigeria (IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project) recently partnered with 11 private companies in Nigeria to create sustainable employment and income opportunities for youth, while leveraging existing expertise The IFAD Agrihub Nigeria Project leverages the partners’ extensive experience in their areas of expertise such as crop

    November 22, 2022


Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities
  • February 25, 2022
  • 12:00 pm
  • Conference Center, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Headquarters, Ibadan, Oyo State


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