IFAD Agrihub Nigeria

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is exposing youths in Adamawa state to the opportunities in the dairy industry. This is facilitated through two of its youths in agribusiness project- IFAD Agrihub and the Innovative Youth in Agriculture projects. The two projects have identified Sebore Farms in Adamawa State as a reliable partner to drive this cause.

Through the combined efforts of the projects, 300 youth, including women, were trained in milk production, milk handling, supply, linkages to market, and finance. At the end of the training, the participants established thirty vibrant youth-led cooperatives with the focus to produce and supply their milk to Sebore Farms. Sebore Farms is a company involved in the production of yoghurt and other related products. It requires 140,000 litres of milk daily to operate optimally and meet its market demands.

The partnership was strategic by the two projects to provide the trained youths with a ready market and extend the initiative to other locations in Adamawa and environs.

The impact of this collaboration goes beyond numbers, as these cooperatives have been equipped with superior breeds of cattle, improving both the quality and quantity of milk production. They have also fostered cooperation among the participants, strengthening a sense of community and promoting social sustainability.

This partnership’s core is an unwavering commitment to strengthening the links between smallholder farmers and markets. By building a robust and efficient dairy supply chain, the initiative is increasing productivity and laying the foundations for improved incomes and sustainable livelihoods in the region.

Subsequently, this opportunity will be extended to more young people in the state. The initiative remains committed to nurturing a new generation of dairy entrepreneurs whose collective efforts represent a significant step towards a brighter future for Adamawa.