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Akpelu Juliet Ngozi is one of the beneficiaries of the Rural youth employment opportunities: Support to integrated agribusiness hubs in Nigeria (IFAD Agrihub Nigeria project) in Abuja who was unemployed before the training program. She was trained in heliculture (raising of snails for food) and has now gained employment through her training under the project. One of the main objectives of the Rural Youth Employment Opportunities: Support to integrated agribusiness hubs in Nigeria (IFAD-Agrihub Nigeria) program is to provide skills that can get the beneficiaries of the program into jobs. The impact of the program is not far-fetched, as it has produced immediate results.

Akpelu Juliet shares her experience during her training in the hub and how she was retained after her internship.

What is your name?

Akpelu Juliet Ngozi

How old are you?

26 years

What educational qualifications do you have?

BSc. Ed

What is your field of specialization?

Heliculture , raising of snail for food

 What made you apply for the training?

I applied for the training only because I have a passion for agriculture and wanted to learn more and develop as a successful independent agribusiness owner.

Can you tell us something about your experience in the Hub?

My experience at the Hub has been very interesting and educational and I have learnt a lot which has helped me to improve in agribusiness as a whole.

What was the outcome of the training for you?

The result of the training for me was a professional and advisory activity, which furthermore produced positive results in every respect in the job I do now.

 What impact did the training have on you and your household?

The training had quite a lot of impact, especially in terms of growing and raising our own agricultural produce rather than buying it from the market.

Express your opinion about the training?

In my opinion, the training is indeed a life-changing and inspiring experience that can make one adept in many ways like digital marketing and urban farming to mention a few.

 what did you learn at the Hub that made you employable?

I learned about different agricultural value chains, such as aquaculture, heliculture, horticulture, poultry farming, and mushroom production which is a very productive and profitable venture that has made me be employable to various farms I have applied to after the training.

 What do you do where you work now?

Organization of farm tasks and publicity of the company’s training participants for subsequent cohorts using new media.

 What career plans do you have in your new role?

My career plans in my new role are to manage the organization’s farm effectively to provide quality training to other youth like me in various areas of agribusiness.


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